Amari Gaiter

Grounded in compassion and love for people, I am a published writer, trained facilitator, skilled curriculum writer, researcher, and a dedicated educator. In my daily life, I continuously aim to grow my knowledge of social science, economics, history, and more.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and African American Studies from Columbia University in the City of New York. I love writing in varying styles, from op-eds to poetry, essays, even educational curriculum, and more. I particularly specialize in music reviews, cultural analysis, film notes, media critiques, and politics. I believe words and stories are powerful tools that can change minds, advocate for change, bring light to histories too often pushed into the darkness. 

I love utilizing my various, multifaceted strengths to help marginalized folks fight against systems of oppression and change our world for the better. As I continue to grow and cultivate my career, I hope to continue to use my skills to explore social truths, analyze culture, highlight underrepresented narratives, spread understanding, and encourage compassion.