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All the LGBTQ+ Movies and Shows Paused During the Hollywood Strikes

We don’t definitively know how much queerer the new Color Purple adaptation will be than Steven Spielberg’s 1985 interpretation of the Alice Walker novel. As Amari Gaiter observed in Autostraddle, the forthcoming Warner Bros. musical features openly gay talent like Colman Domingo and screenwriter Marcus Gradley, but a relative dearth of queer Black women. The trailer has only furthered those concerns, as Pride noted. Either way, we’ll find out the answer later than expected. Slated for December, Variety recently reported that Warner Bros. is now possibly eyeing a later release.

Inappropriate Questions Season 3, Episode 7 | Radio

Hi, my name's Amari and I'm currently living in New York. Throwback to my first year at Columbia. I already knew that I was going to encounter challenges, especially going into a predominantly white institution. And I knew that my Blackness would be something that is going to define my experience at this university and whether in the classroom or whether with people I was potentially trying to make friends with or even were friends with.

‘Aware of A Problem and Getting Justice For That Problem Are Two Totally Different Things’

“I feel as like a young black woman living in society, for all my life I’ve always been very aware of the political climate,” said Amari Gaiter, an L.A. native and a student at Columbia University. “I think it’s a new time of resurgence when it comes to making sure you are politically engaged and staying aware of the things that are happening, and the things that affect not only me, but other people.”

Many feel that the Trump administration policies have been contributing to growing racism and xenophobia across the country.

Amari Gaiter Movie Reviews & Previews

Instead of utilizing the biopic genre to reveal Houston’s deeper emotionality, experiences, and relationships, the movie often feels as though one is merely watching characters walk through a summary of her major live events -

While I will always appreciate and enjoy cheesy sapphic stories, this movie’s strangely quick pacing and rather shallow commentary left me wanting more. -

Don't Look Up shows us what happens if we wait too long to interrogate our culture and ourselves, lose sight of trut

‎Les Mains dans la pop: (Rediff) - Charge émotionnelle on

« T’as pensé à prévenir la garderie pour ce soir ? Ensuite, c’est toi qui vas chercher les enfants ? Et le gâteau d’anniversaire pour la semaine prochaine, il est commandé ?…». Tant de questions qui soulèvent un seul et même problème: la charge mentale que subissent quotidiennement les femmes.

Comment se définit cette charge ? Concerne-t-elle seulement le travail domestique ? Et surtout, comment s’en libérer une bonne fois pour toute ?

C’est à ce vaste sujet qu’ont décidé de s’attaquer Cléme

Identity-Based Student Activism

Historically and contemporarily, student activists have worked to address oppression on college and university campuses. This book explores the experiences of students engaged in identity-based activism today as it relates to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other forms of oppression. Grounded by a national study on student activism and the authors’ combined 40 years of experience working in higher education, Identity-Based Student Activism uses a critical, power-conscious lens to unpack the history of identity-based activism, relationships between activists and administrators, and student activism as labor. This book provides an opportunity for administrators, educators, faculty, and student activists to reflect on their current ideas and behaviors around activism and consider new ways for improving their relationships with each other, and ultimately, their campus climates.

MILCK - Quiet (Official Video)

MILCK - Quiet (Official Video)

Trigger Warning: This video portrays subtle yet sensitive material regarding sexual assault.


Hi, friends and family. Hope everyone is doing well during these unpredictable times. In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandals sparking a massive movement of women and survivors speaking out against sexual assault, I find myself in awe and moved to my core. Since the age of 14 I’ve survived several acts of sexual assault. For years, I blamed myself and secretly carried the shame. When I did realize it wasn’t my fault and that I deserve to heal, I wrote a song called “Quiet,” which went viral after I sang it with a choir on the streets @ the D.C. Women’s March.

Since then I have teamed up with Atlantic Records to create a hopeful, new version that incorporates survivors singing with me. I’ve seen this song help survivors speak out after the Women’s March, and I believe that the new version has the power to encourage and empower all those thinking of coming forward at this time.

Even though I was planning to release this new version of “Quiet” in January, I believe the movement is happening now, and I want to support those breaking the silence by releasing “Quiet” early. I’m deeply moved Julie Greenwald @ Atlantic is standing beside me through this change of plan. She understands that it’s my gesture of support & encouragement to all the survivors rising. It’s my musical #METOO.

I hope you’ll listen and consider standing with us as well. Thank you so much for reading!!


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Production Co: The Famous Group
Director: Elizabeth Orne
Director of Photography: Lee Phelan
Producer: Natasha Pierson
Production Designer: Melissa McClintock

Abusive Boyfriend Storyline
Girlfriend: Shadia Martin
Boyfriend: Mickey Reaves

Transgender Storyline
Transgender teen: Christine Mangum
Mom: Andrea Wallace
Dad: David Ballard
Bully 1: Riley Bamps
Bully 2: Presley Bamps
Bully 3: Cash Bamps

Teen Center
Shelley Francisco
Maria Tomas

Orchestra Conductor: Leo Kitajima
Orchestra / Choir:
Noelle Martinez
Quincy Foster
Simone Gottlieb
Sarah Binns
Ella Prebel-Jackert
Amari Gaiter
Gaby Ledis
Isabella Grigorian
Grace Barar
IIana Friedman
Elaine Liu

Written by MILCK

put on your face
know your place
shut up and smile
don’t spread your legs
I could do that

But no one knows me no one ever will
if I don’t say something, if I just lie still
Would I be that monster, scare them all away
If I let the-em hear what I have to say

I can’t keep quiet, no oh oh oh oh oh oh
I can’t keep quiet, no oh oh oh oh oh oh
A one woman riot, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

I can’t keep quiet
For anyone

Cuz no one knows me no one ever will
if I don’t say something, take that dry blue pill
they may see that monster, they may run away
But I have to do this, do it anyway
I can’t keep quiet, no oh oh oh oh oh oh
I can’t keep quiet, no oh oh oh oh oh oh
A one woman riot, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh I can’t keep quiet

Let it out Let it out
Let it out now
There’ll be someone who understands
Let it out Let it out
Let it out now
Must be someone who’ll understand
Let it out Let it out
Let it out now
There’ll be someone who understands
Let it out Let it out
Let it out now

I can’t keep quiet

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Los-Angeles native Connie Lim, better known as MILCK, has been singing for as long as she can remember. She began crafting her talent at a young age by enrolling in classical piano and opera classes. Inspired by artist from Frederic Chopin to Radiohead and Imogen Heap, she experienced something of an awakening in her college's underground piano rooms.

While her song "Devil Devil" hit success, it wasn't until her anthem "Quiet" made waves at the 2017 Women's March and on the internet, garnering over 14 million Facebook plays in 2 days and sparking the #ICanttKeepQuiet movement.

With the goal to help people feel empowered, she sings for the relentless, the vulnerable, and the brave.

Beyond the Ridge

Listen to Beyond the Ridge on Spotify. This is the Beyond the Ridge Podcast, a social justice oriented series interviewing people within and outside of Westridge School about their individual journeys with identity, intersectionality, and creative forms of activism. Originating from Westridge School's student social justice group Student Voices, BTR comes from the 2019 assembly Undocujoy, where we interviewed undocumented DJ, DJ Sizzle in front of a live audience. Created, written, and produc

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